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With nearly 8 years of service in the Kota Kinabalu Sabah, we feel confident that we are meeting our customers’ expectations. In fact, we know that we won’t just meet your expectations – we will exceed them beyond your wildest dreams!

Our well-trained and experienced detailing team has the know-how to tackle any cleaning problem and resolve it. Our equipment and cleaning products are state of the art, safe for you and your vehicle, and environmentally friendly.

You can depend on us to return to you a professionally cleaned vehicle that will thrill you the moment you get into it.

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At Wintechsabah we pride ourselves in meeting our commitments. That means not only a vehicle cleaned to your satisfaction, but also ready for you on-time.

When you leave your vehicle with us, we will give you a specific time that it will be ready and we will devote the manpower and effort needed to ensure your vehicle is ready when we say it will be.

You can depend on us to get you back in your vehicle so you can continue on with your busy day.